How to Use a Balancier (SeeSaw Dripper) to Prepare Absinthe

While there is no shortage of interesting and curious accessories to help you prepare your absinthe, the balancier is possibly one of the most unique.

These curious devices are also known as auto-verseurs or “seesaw drippers.”

Dripping water from the reservoir onto a “seesaw” that alternates the water flow, you’ll find yourself hypnotized by the soft ticking sounds as you watch the louche form.

When you are simply pouring the water by hand, it’s easy to accidentally add water too quickly.

That can make it harder for the flavors to mix properly. Additionally, it can result in large, concentrated lumps of sugar at the bottom of the glass that can’t be easily dissolved.

To fix this problem, the point of the balancier is to create a perfect, even drip of water into the absinthe.

So today I’m going to show you how to use a balancier to make the perfect glass of absinthe!

Step 1: Gather Everything You Need

First thing’s first, let’s gather what you need.

Obviously, you’ll need a glass with an ounce or so of your favorite absinthe and your balancier.

If you don’t yet own a balancier, this is the one that I use! (Talking with a representative from the company, they seem to go very quickly. I recommend grabbing it ASAP when they’re in stock!)

You’ll also need ice and a carafe of ice water. If you like your absinthe with sugar, grab a sugar cube and absinthe spoon as well!

Once you’ve got everything together, we’re ready to start!

Step 2: Add Ice & Position the Balancier

Start by adding ice into the reservoir of your balancier.

You want to add a large amount, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be piled on. The goal is to have plenty of ice for the water to run through so that your drink is perfectly chilled.

From there, you’ll see how the legs of the balancier fit perfectly on the rim of your glass.

Simply place the balancier on the glass and double-check to make sure it’s on a level surface.

If you are adding sugar to your absinthe, set your spoon and sugar before setting the balancier. Make sure that the sugar cube is positioned so that one end of the balancier’s seesaw drops water onto it.

The other side of the seesaw will drip onto the spoon which gives plenty of extra water for the sugar to dissolve in.

Since only every other “tick” of the seesaw will be dropping water onto the cube, you don’t have to worry about the sugar getting flooded into the bottom of your glass.

The balancier makes it easy!

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Step 3: Add Water and Watch the Magic Happen!

Pour cold water from your carafe into the balancier’s reservoir.

You’ll quickly begin to see a small stream of ice-cold water begin dripping from the base of the reservoir and onto the seesaw. From there, the seesaw begins rocking back and forth.

As the water fills up on one side, the seesaw tilts to deposit the water while the stream then begins repeating the process with the other side of the seesaw.

By design, the reservoir to the balancier is going to be much smaller than most standard absinthe glasses. When the stream stops, simply add more water as you desire.

One of the things that make absinthe such an enjoyable drink is that you can prepare it to your exact taste.

Around 4 or 5 parts water to 1 part absinthe is the standard ratio depending on how strong you prefer.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Once you’ve reached your desired amount of water, you’re good to go!

Simply remove the balancier, toss the excess ice out or back into your carafe or ice bin, and enjoy!

If you used sugar, I do still recommend giving the absinthe a good stir. This will help even out the sweetness throughout the absinthe and dissolve any little clumps that may have snuck through.

When you’re done using it, make sure your balancier is dry before storing it away.

Conclusion – How to Use a Balancier to Prepare Absinthe

I hope you’ve found this article helpful.

Finally getting my hands on a balancier felt like such a “level up” for my absinthe game and it’s been an endlessly entertaining addition to get-togethers with friends.

I’m confident you’ll enjoy yours as well!

There’s just something hypnotic about the “tick-tick-tick” sound of the balancier while you watch the louche form in the glass.

It’s a wonderful experience that adds so much character and mystique to the absinthe ritual!

But there’s also a very handy benefit to using a balancier as well.

Not only will it prompt intense curiosity from those who watch you use it, but it also helps you create a glass of absinthe that’s perfectly… well… balanced!

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