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There is something to be said about enjoying something that is the product of years of discipline, passion, and artistry.

Today I am reviewing Larusée Bleue, a curious Swiss absinthe steeped in exactly that kind of history.

This is a review that I have been excited to write for some time now. Let’s get right to it!

Larusée Bleue Absinthe Review

As a quick funny story, I’m only just now writing this review despite picking up my first bottle of Larusée Bleue some 6 or 7 months ago.

Life got hectic and I couldn’t review this absinthe quite as fast as I had hoped. Nevertheless, it quickly became my go-to. When things settled down and I got ready to write this review, I realized that I needed to get another bottle!

How’s that for a testament to its quality? I’ve got about 35 unique bottles of absinthe at home, but I just kept (and still keep on) coming back to Larusée Bleue!

Anyways, let’s get back to the review!

The Facts

Larusée Bleue is a Swiss absinthe handcrafted in the canton of Neuchâtel.

Everything about this absinthe is rooted in the tradition of a preciously protected nineteenth century recipe. In crafting Larusée Bleue, classic artisanal practices are mixed with modern state-of-the-art equipment, much of which is custom made and designed.

To keep the human touch present, every single bottle is prepared by hand. That includes the bottling, labeling, corking, and apply the wax seal. How’s that for a labor of love?

Like many Swiss absinthes, Larusée Bleue has a lower ABV of 55%.

As I mentioned, the bottle is corked so you will want to have a corkscrew handy. Be especially careful when opening this absinthe as the cork is smaller and you would not want to end up with bits of cork in your absinthe because you got too excited!

When removing the cork stopper, puncture the corkscrew through the wax and twist it into the cork. Being careful not to overdo it, pull the cork straight out.

You want to leave space so that you can clean the wax off of the cork and turn it upside down to reseal the bottle. If you mess up or just prefer an alternative, I recommend picking up my favorite stoppers.


As soon as the very first drops of water touch the absinthe, a truly magical show starts to happen right in front of your eyes.

The oils swirl and dance in a rich display that I haven’t seen in nearly any other absinthe. While there’s always some reaction, this was especially hypnotic.

The louche with Larusée Bleue comes on slowly then quickly builds to a full body.

At first, you’re just watching the oils dance as water drips into the glass, but then the louche begins to fill the glass like a massive crescendo.

You’ll see little highlights of blue begin to appear as you watch the oils and then the louche appears. First it’s pale and delicate but continues to build and build until it reaches its rich and milky white final state.

Larusée Bleue’s louche is at once both delicate and powerful.

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Flavor & Aroma

Subtle, sophisticated, and seductive are the words that carry through every aspect of Larusée Bleue.

Tender floral notes dominate the aroma with chamomile being the star of the show.

Interestingly, there’s only the slightest kiss of the distinct smell of anise. It’s certainly present, but this is one of those rare absinthes where the anise doesn’t seem to overpower everything else.

Larusée Bleue has a refreshing flavor profile that is remarkably clean on the palate. Letting it dance around your mouth, you are treated to a bouquet of floral flavors.

As with the scent, the unmistakable notes of chamomile provide a smooth and subtle taste that feels like a gentle, comforting embrace for the taste buds. A playful bitter bite of wormwood is present on the front end of each sip that cleanses the palate for those flavors of chamomile, fennel, and anise.

Each and every sip is a perfectly rounded experience.

Those who aren’t big fans of anise (or just want something different) will enjoy the herb’s discreet role in Larusée Bleue.

The oils in Larusée Bleue create an incredibly enjoyable and balanced mouthfeel. The oils are rich enough to let the flavors linger on the palate but delicate enough to do so without it feeling like too much.

There is a certain thrill in the “story” that Larusée Bleue is telling with each sip. It’s one of pride, tradition, and uncompromising excellence.

No camera can do this louche justice.

Overall Impressions

Everything about Larusée Bleue shows the level of care and passion that goes into crafting it. It’s clean, smooth, and even very refreshing.

I have to admit, I typically greatly prefer vertes. However, Larusée Bleue has completely dominated my opinion of what a good bleue can (and should) be!

I will give some heads up about another feature of this truly wonderful absinthe, though…

The alcohol and chamomile combine to create an absinthe that packs quite a punch. It’s smooth but deceptively strong!

Even for someone like me who has dealt with chronic insomnia for years (that no medication or natural remedy can seem to fix), it puts me out like a light.


More like “Larusée you in the morning, mon ami!

Now, I’m not necessarily recommending that you rely on Larusée Bleue as a nightcap if you also struggle with insomnia. I’m quite literally a random fiend on the internet who just loves a good absinthe and am most certainly not a doctor.

Check with me for absinthe reviews, trivia, and history. Check with your doctor about sleep issues.

(Had to get that disclaimer in there… You never know!)

Conclusion – Larusée Bleue

I knew my opinion on Larusée Bleue from the very first sip. It’s nothing short of amazing and you should absolutely pick this up if you’re looking for a premium absinthe to keep on your shelf.

Keep in mind, nothing about this absinthe is cheap. Expect to pay around $120+ for a bottle. With that said, know that you’re buying 750mL of pure craftsmanship, art, and proud Swiss tradition.

It’s well worth the investment.

As I’m working on writing more absinthe reviews for this site, I can tell you that this will not be the last 5-star review. However, Larusée Bleue has the esteemed honor of receiving the very first 5-star review from Absinthe Fiend!

With tears of joy in my eyes I raise my glass to the masterminds behind Larusée Bleue.


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