Mansinthe Review | A Sinfully Delicious Absinthe from Marilyn Manson

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Mansinthe, an absinthe from famous shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, is a delicious drink that any fan of the green fairy will love.

I’m not going to lie, a huge part of me didn’t want to like this. Something about celebrity-branded products just tends to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

But Mansinthe is something entirely different!

What Is Mansinthe?

For over two decades now, Marilyn Manson has been well known for his love of absinthe. It has been prominently featured in his work and has inspired numerous paintings of his.

Yes, that is including the one that is on the bottle’s label!

Mansinthe is made to Marilyn Manson’s tastes by the Matter distillery in Switzerland. Manson reportedly took a very active role in the development of Mansinthe and first debuted this take on the Green Fairy at an art exhibition in Germany in 2007.

While it is still somewhat uncommon on US shelves, it has been spotted in select markets. In fact, I happened upon it during an absinthe-themed field trip to Louisiana.

If Mansinthe is not stocked near you, it is generally able to be imported from Europe with little difficulty beyond the shipping cost.

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The sweetness and colors in Mansinthe are naturally derived. There are no sweeteners or artificial colors here.

Looking past the gimmick of a 66.6% ABV, Mansinthe is surprisingly sweet. Perhaps because of Marilyn Manson’s persona, I expected something shocking, intense, and abrasive.

Instead, Mansinthe is sinfully sweet with beautifully prominent herbal notes and a buttery bouquet of oils that linger on the palate in the best possible way. Curiously, there is an aftertaste that I can only compare to white chocolate which caught me very off guard.

If you are preparing Mansinthe with sugar, I would not recommend using more than a single sugar cube.

Touching back on Mansinthe’s alcohol content, it’s actually slightly weaker than most other absinthes. In fact, the anise is even more subdued in Mansinthe as well!

This makes it a great introduction to absinthe for beginners while also offering a unique and enjoyable experience for the seasoned absintheur.

Beyond the curiously buttery aftertaste and mouthfeel, Mansinthe does not attempt to redefine what absinthe is. No single flavor monopolizes the spotlight.

Instead, the focus is on a balanced, mature, and pleasant sipping experience that keeps you coming back for sip after sip.


Just as the flavor of Mansinthe tends to favor a more subdued and moody approach, the aroma is similarly delicate.

Mansinthe’s aroma is very herbal with a prominent anise note that is complemented by a touch of sweetness. Once louched, the sweetness begins to take a bigger role with the herbal notes now serving to complement it.

All in all, the aroma of Mansinthe is very straightforward and simple.

Personally, I think that this is one of Mansinthe’s biggest strengths. Despite being the absinthe of choice of someone who is known for shocking and provocative behavior, Mansinthe’s aroma feels much more accessible and welcoming.


Before adding water, Mansinthe is a very light green color with elements of yellow and brown.

The color is very natural-looking, which is a big plus.

I would imagine the temptation to make it neon green or pitch black was there as a kind of “shock gimmick” in line with Manson’s image, but I’m glad that they kept it simple.

Not least of all because I’m sure that Mansinthe is many peoples’ first exposure to the world of the Green Fairy.

As fans of Marilyn Manson try his absinthe, I think presenting a solid absinthe free of gimmicks and artificial colorings does a lot to bring more people into the absinthe space with realistic expectations.


I expected the louche to be stronger, but it’s still a passable thickness. I would say it’s a “medium” in terms of louche quality.

Expect a fair delay for the louche to start. Mansinthe seems to take its time to begin the louche process, but once it starts it seems to erupt in the glass and fill out quickly.

When you’re adding water to Mansinthe, you will want to pay very close attention. If you blink, you might miss the magic of the louche!

But as intense and quick as the louche is, it does a lot to release the charming aromas of Mansinthe. While these aromas are straightforward and simple, they do seem to propel from the glass with a certain intensity.

Within just a couple of minutes of the louche beginning, the smell seemed to dominate nearly half of my kitchen space.

Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you!

Conclusion – Reviewing Mansinthe Absinthe

Mansinthe is an excellent absinthe that any absintheur should try regardless of whether they are a fan of Marilyn Manson or not.

This may not be the most complex or nuanced absinthe on the market, but it is a quality product that delivers what fans of the drink are looking for.

If you’re looking for a straightforward and easy-to-drink absinthe, Mansinthe is worth checking out.

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