How to Use a Coupe Brouilleur to Prepare Absinthe

Not only is absinthe a complex and versatile spirit, but so are the tools that you can use to prepare it!

Today we’re looking at one of my favorite tools for preparing the perfect glass of absinthe: the coupe brouilleur.

Resembling a dish with four small dripper holes, it’s a curious and elegant addition to any absintheur’s collection.

Not to mention, these drippers also bring an interesting historical aspect to your absinthe preparation ritual thanks to their popularity during the Belle Époque!

The coupe brouilleur is great for helping you create a small, steady flow of water when preparing your absinthe.

Now you don’t have to worry about adding the water too quickly. That means you don’t have to worry about spoiling the delicate louche or getting a concentrated lump of sugar at the bottom of your glass!

Yeah… It’s a game-changer.

So today I’m going to show you how to use a coupe brouilleur to make the perfect glass of absinthe!

Step 1: Gather Everything You Need

First things first, let’s gather what you need.

Obviously, you’ll need a glass with an ounce or so of your favorite absinthe and your coupe brouilleur.

If you don’t yet own a coupe brouilleur, this is the one that I recommend! I’ve been incredibly happy with it, and it’s become a much-beloved part of my absinthe collection.

You’ll also need ice and a carafe of ice water. If you like your absinthe with sugar, grab a sugar cube as well!

Once you’ve got everything together, we’re ready to start!

Step 2: Position the Brouilleur & Add Ice

Once you’ve got some absinthe in your glass, position the brouilleur on top of the glass. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a level surface for the brouilleur to work properly.

If you’re preparing your absinthe with sugar, place the sugar cube in the middle of the lower reservoir of the coupe brouilleur.

From there, add a generous amount of ice to the brouilleur.

You want to add a large amount, but don’t go overboard. The goal is to have plenty of ice for the water to run through so that your prepared absinthe is perfectly chilled.

Step 3: Add Water and Watch the Magic Happen!

Pour cold water from your carafe onto the ice in the brouilleur’s reservoir.

You’ll start to see four small streams of ice-cold water begin dripping from the inner (lower) reservoir of the brouilleur and into the glass.

By design, the reservoir to the brouilleur is going to be much smaller than most standard absinthe glasses. When the stream stops, simply add more water.

Remember: good things take time. So be patient with it and enjoy the louche that gradually forms as the water reacts with the absinthe!

If you’re adding the water too fast, the sugar cube won’t have time to fully dissolve and you’ll be left with a sugary slush in the brouilleur’s reservoir.

(Tip: If you struggle to get the pacing just right, you might instead add the sugar cube on top of the ice. Some people find this easier.)

One of the things that make absinthe such an enjoyable drink is that you can prepare it to your exact taste.

Around 4 or 5 parts water to 1 part absinthe is the standard ratio depending on how strong you prefer. Personally, I usually go for more of a 3.5:1 ratio, but I prefer mine stronger.

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Step 4: Enjoy!

Once you’ve reached your desired amount of water, you’re good to go!

My favorite thing about coupe brouilleurs is that they trap the aromas that are released when the louche takes effect.

When you remove the brouilleur, these aromas are all released at once in a bloom that is nothing short of enchanting!

From there, just toss the excess ice out or put it back into your carafe or ice bin (if you didn’t use sugar), and enjoy!

When you’re done using it, make sure your brouilleur is dry before storing it away. If you used sugar, make sure that you thoroughly clean it to prevent any nasty sugar buildup.

Conclusion – How to Use a Coupe Brouilleur to Prepare Absinthe

I hope you’ve found this article helpful!

While there are several different brouilleurs available, I have a special soft spot for the coupe brouilleur.

It’s user-friendly, compact, and I just love the whoosh of aromas that bloom out of the glass once the absinthe is prepared!

Sure, some might consider it to be a bit “extra”, but it makes for a great addition to the absinthe ritual.

Of course, there’s also the functional benefit of helping you prepare the perfectly balanced glass of absinthe as well!

And speaking of things that are balanced, you might also enjoy our guide to using another type of brouilleur: the balancier!

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